Web Application Development

I've created a large variety of web applications, from simple web tools and widgets, to complex CMS systems. SEOPageExplorer.com and txtFeeder.com are two examples of personal projects I've created.

Web Appliocation Development
Wordpress Plugin Development

I've done a variety of private plugin development as well as public open source plugin development. You can see more details on my wordpress development on my wordpress development page.

Kyle Getson's Background

I am happily employed as a Web Application Developer at Red Ventures. I develop scaleable web tools, reports and applications for the Search Team. To learn more about my background, you can read more here.


Technologies & Nerdyness

  • Linux - Vim and I are good friends, he told me to throw away my mouse
  • Apache - If you can't do it in apache, is it really worth doing?
  • MySQL - I eat rows for breakfast
  • PHP - Everyone loves the double dollar sign right?
  • xHTML + CSS - Because nobody wants to continue using iframes and tables
  • Javascript - You mean jquery right? Nah, I like 20x the code and 1/2 the reliability
  • JQuery - Simple things done quickly, AND you can read it.
  • Fiddler - The debugging proxy. If you dont know it, Go here right now. seriously stop reading and use fiddler.
  • Website Speed Optimization - Every half second counts

News & Updates


SEO Page Explorer Launches! A fast, simple tool, to give you all the on-page SEO information you'll need. This tool scores your URL, and provides many useful metrics like number of links, HTTP Headers and Lynx Browser output. See it at www.seopageexplorer.com


Kyle's blog post on browser limitations on maximum HTTP cookies. Ever wonder if your website is sending too many cookies? There is a maximum, and it's smaller than you might think. Read the post